Why I left my job and went to Hawaii

Sometimes you have to close one door and open another. I left my job- it has been a long tedious 2 years. I went to Hawaii the day immediately after, not much sleep, a storm on its way and a mild head code and all. I spent a lot of money... And my pants may... Continue Reading →


I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me…

Happy Friday! This weekend we have an LDS SoCal YSA Conference panning out for the WHOLE weekend and I am stoked. Lately in our Relief Society, we have been focusing on mapping out our dreams, goals and priorities. There is an emphasis on PRIORITIES. There so many things going on in our lives. It is... Continue Reading →

eat a dessert, be a monster

One thing I have always struggled with is giving up sweets. I always tell myself that I am going to go on sweets fast for a month, and then it never works out. Everyone knows we need a cheat meal every now and then. Here is a place you should definitely try for your next... Continue Reading →

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